Frequently Asked Questions.

What types of photography do you perform?

We work with Conventions of all types, Corporate Photography, Special Events and have photographed Weddings.

How does it work if we hire you?

It begins with assessing your needs. We stylize the background to fit what ever is necessary. We cater to the event and the style both in the same package. Email us your dates to see if we are first available.

Do you perform Green Screen work?

Yes we do.

How long does it take for Digital downloads to be sent to us?

Our policy is 5 business days. Usually it’s shorter then that due to our system. We work to get it out to you the first 2 days we are back in the office.

Do you have a list of previous events you have worked with and samples?

Yes. Please email us and we will send you watermarked examples. 

Do you provide references and testimonials?

Yes we do.

How long have you been in the business?

12 years in the event business and 20 years photography experience. Combined experience for the entire photography staff alone is over 30 years and counting.

Do you retake photos at the event if I blinked or the Celeb blinked? 

Yes, we retake your shot if there is a problem. You will just wait a moment till the picture comes out of the printer. If it needs to be re-shot we send you straight back in the front of the line.

If a Celeb cancels for an event do I get a refund?

We do not handle that portion of it. Some conventions and events do pass along a refund for the photo op of that particular celeb. Some conventions and events don’t do that. Each event is different and many are changing to a refund policy if a celeb cancels. It usually takes a few days for the refund to process if the convention offers that in their policy.

How do I get my Digital Download?

You will be sent a link to the show you attended. Pick your number and email us and we will email you your Hi Res copy. It’s that simple.