Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Check this frequently asked questions out and then you let us know if there might be another question that isn't asked here.

Do you provide photo ops for other events besides conventions?

Yes, we provide services for Weddings, Corporate Events, Children's Parties, Church related functions, Private Photo shoots or any Entertainment functions. We have provided services to all of these and to Comic Cons, Sci Fi Conventions, Anime Conventions, Horror Conventions.

How do I get my digital download?

That is easy. There is a  download link at the top of the site in the header menu that says "Download". Click it. It will take you to a page that will list a convention that we most recently worked. We have the link up for only 3 months then we take it down and archive it. If you don't get it within that time period then contact us and we will search for you.

Are you a celebrity only photography group?

No we provide services for all types of events.

Our event may be too small for you. What is the smallest size event you will work?

We work most any size and make it more affordable for you. We are the High Quality at a perfect price company. Contact us if you would like an estimate. 

What makes you different then the others?

Our company provides our services at a price point that is generally more affordable. Our systems are in place to help the promoter and the fan achieve the best service at the best price.

Photo Ops are expensive do I have to purchase one?

Professional Photo Ops with a professional background are always more memorable for the fan. Especially in this age of social media. More and more fans are getting them in conjunction with a personal autograph. You don't have to purchase one, but the memories and the facial expressions fans and customers give is priceless.

How long does it take for us to get our downloads after a show?

Generally at the earliest 5 business days and the latest 7 business days. Sometimes we can have them ready earlier if things line up correctly.

We love your work, can we give a testimonial about you guys?

Thank you! We love the positive feedback. Please send us your name and the show it was at along with your positive experience info to the following email:           We appreciate it!!

How much do paper copies of my photo's cost and how much is a digital download?

Onsite the cost is $5 per paper and the digital is always $10. You might have to wait a bit for the second paper copy. Sometimes it takes about 20 minutes. Most of the time less.

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